Monday, 3 March 2008


Lookit what I done:

Yesterday Milord and I started packing. We needed to empty the shed as it's coming down next weekend. Everything needed to be packed into the spare room, which meant that the spare room had to be packed up first... The first couple of hours were ok, and then it began getting very tiring!

After 4 or so hours I was on my hands and knees taping bubble wrap around a large picture. We'd got a dispenser for the tape which makes life a lot easier - you just stick, pull and twist to get the serrated teeth to cut the tape. Stick pull twist. Stick pull twist. Stick pull tug tug twist yank... ow.

I'm an idiot.


caitlin said...

Silly billy, darling sis.
i surpose to have cuts, bruises and scars.

Brynne said...

You're not an idiot. that looks painful though. maybe the teeth were getting worn out from all of the packing.

Victoria said...

Holy smokes that's SO totally something I'd do!

owies : )