Tuesday, 4 March 2008

1 Month

One month to my wedding... time is starting to fly!

Firstly, weight: 67.8kg. Up a little from last week, but I'm not surprised because I pampered myself all week and didn't gym once! I'm being very good this week so I won't up my ticker just yet in the hope I get back to 67.5 soon. I'm having fruit for breakfast and snacks, baked potato (no butter) and salad (no dressing) for lunch, and vegetable soup for dinner. No booze, no sweets. I'll walk home every day and hit the gym a couple of times... I need to get to 67kg this week to be on target - not impossible. Just very boring.

I did a bit of clothes shopping yesterday - the zip in my slacks let go just before lunch (not fair when they're actually loose right now!), so I took it as a sign from the shopping gods. I found new black slacks, a couple of work skirts, and a few plain tops. And a sexy red halter-neck top for my honeymoon... yeah baby!

You know how fitting room mirrors are always really evil? How they give you shadows and bags and cellulite and stuff (why don't shops do something about that - I'd buy more if I looked good)... Well yesterday even the fitting room mirrors were nice to me! My tummy is flat, my bum has shrunk loads and my boobs have perked up a bit. Obviously I still have weight to lose, but I'm starting to like my body again.

Nearly bikini-ready methinks ;-). Keep it up girlfriend, you can do it!


Kat said...

Yup.. fitting room mirrors are not good! I suffered that on Sunday! Am now on a four week mission to tone up ready for any bikini wearing in Cape Town!

caitlin said...

hi sis i also lost weight i just hope my tummy doesn't stick out. i want to look studding. get some attendation too. hee-hee-hee