Thursday, 13 March 2008

3 Weeks

Ooooooh 3 weeks to go until my wedding!

Weight: *sigh* 68kg, up a tad from last week. You know what - I'm sick of dieting... What I mean is that I am sick of frantic dieting: living on 5 points a day during the week, losing a load of weight, then being so deprived that I binge on the weekend and put most of it back and start the week feeling angry and miserable and starve myself again.

I don't binge like that normally. It's got to be a reaction to the starving, and that's just silly. So now I'm not trying to lose weight any more - I'm going to try to stay at 68kg and I'm going to stay on 20 points a day. No starving, no bingeing, no weight gain, and if I lose anything that's a bonus. I'm looking good if not thin, I'm right on the upper limit of my healthy BMI, and that's ok. Now I will concentrate on sit-ups so that I look reasonable in a bikini!

Plus my dress fits and I don't want to slim out of it! I had a nightmare the other day that on my wedding day my dress was too big and hung on me like a sack... and it was a shiny emerald green - ew. My subconscious is trying to tell me something!

I have one week left at work (jumps for joy). I'm at the point now where I spend a lot of time documenting code, I don't get invited to the planning meetings and the work tribe is beginning to nudge me out. The collegue taking over my work is totally stressed out and cranky, but I'm sure she'll be fine.

Two weeks until we move out and fly to South Africa. The shed is down, the spare room is packed up as well as a few boxes of books and dvds from the living room. I plan to do the bulk of the packing over Easter as we have no other plans. This weekend we'll touch up paintwork and stuff - I'm keeping the tasks light as I have my Hen Night this Friday and Milord has his Stag Night too! The weekend is basically a write-off.

I've had to organise my own Hen Night as my bridesmaid is in the wrong country! So I'm holding it in my own suburb, the theme is "Little Black Dress", and I'll be able to stagger home when I've had enough... I hope it's fun. I have about 15 girls joining me for drinks and dinner, and probably a boogie on a skanky pub dancefloor!


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