Friday, 28 March 2008

1 Week

We are now in Saldanha, South Africa, about an hour from Cape Town up the west coast, at my Dad's house.

Wow what a week. We moved out of our rented house over Easter and I spent a couple of days cleaning it after that. We finished up at 9pm on Wednesday night and flew out on Thursday (yesterday) morning.

The flights were pretty much ok although we missed our connection in Johannesburg so got into Cape Town a couple of hours late. My Dad and stepmom picked us up and brought us back to Saldanha and gave us drinks and nibbles and chat until 1:30am when I crashed out.

7 hours of sleep later we woke up, had a breakfast and a walk on the beach. It is midday now and feels like evening on the body clock (it is 9pm in Sydney)... It's a stunning day, clear and breezy, and we are off for lunch on the waterfront shortly.

I'm still a bit shattered, but expect to sleep well tonight and be normal by tomorrow... I take ages to get over jetlag, but this time seems better than our last trip - we drank less on the plane which probably helps!

1 week to our wedding! OMG!!!

Weight - I have no idea but just before I packed the scale on Monday I was still 68kg so I'll pretend I didn't gain anything in the meantime. Cleaning the old house was exhausting - I ached all over - so hopefully that countered the farewell parties!

I doubt I'll be able to blog much over the next 3 weeks. On Monday we move into a place in Cape Town without internet, and after the wedding we are travelling around South Africa for a couple of weeks.

Drop back in a few weeks for an update on the wedding and honeymoon ;-). Bye for now blogees...


Grumpy Chair said...

Enjoy your honeymoon. I will be thinking about you next week!

Suzanne said...

Enjoy your honeymoon, Happy Wedding and wahhhh, no SaffaChick for a few weeks.

I'm sure you'll have some great stories to tell once you return!

Lara said...

congrats and enjoy! :)

Suzanne said...

Happy Wedding Day!!!!!

caitlin said...

boo! love you!

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