Saturday, 15 March 2008

Survived the Hen Night

Actually it was great fun! Phew. The girls looked after me and we had a super time. We had drinks, then dinner, then ended up in the skanky club over the road (average age 12). We boogied until 1:30 am and I was showered and asleep by 2am. This is me as queen of the night:

Milord got home after his stag night at 10am! They'd ended up at someone's house and carried on... it is now nearly 2pm and he's been asleep for a couple of hours - I don't expect him to surface before dark. I do have some pictures of his stag but he'd kill me if I posted them - I'll just say pink dress, white boa and yellow wig in public! Here's a shot he took of the sun rising - nice hey?

In a little while I will wake a member of the stag party passed out in our bed and drive him to the airport, and then I think I might have a nap myself. Although it's such a lovely day I may sit outside under a tree with the newspaper and a bottle of wine. Ah it's a hard life!

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