Thursday, 6 March 2008

Other Countdown

I have three countdowns on the go:
Days to my wedding = 29
Days until we move out = 19
Days left at work = 14

Hmm, actually, make that five countdowns because there is also:
Days until we fly to South Africa = 21
Days to my birthday = 4 (Monday)

(With everything else going on I am totally not excited about another birthday, but I'm sure Milord will spoil me. He has some making up to do for last year when he didn't even get me a card! sniff Being away on holiday is not a good enough excuse.)

Anyway, what I'm going to blog about today is leaving my job of almost 2 years. Gee, 2 years - it feels like yesterday that I landed my first contract role in Australia! The visa struggle, the public transport, making friends at work and understanding the new system. Exploring the shops near work and joining a gym. Working out what things really cost once I got my paycheck and stopped spending pounds! It was very exciting and I jumped out of bed each day to meet the challenge. The days flew by and I didn't have time to check my email let alone blogsurf.

The challenge is gone now and getting out of bed is a nightmare. Every day is groundhog day... same routine, same work, same people, booooring. I spend more time in the blogosphere than writing code. I went to update my CV (resume) the other day and nothing needed to be added since I submitted it in my visa application over a year ago. I have learned nothing in a year! No wonder I want to leave...

I am not a "comfort zone" person. I have a friend who is, and she said: "But, if you change jobs you'll have to learn a new system and meet new people and start a new routine!". Yes, that's the point! I didn't come halfway around the world to rot in a dead-end job in a blah suburb of Sydney for bad pay... I have my shiny new independant visa and these boots were made for walking baby.

I cannot wait to throw myself at the job market and see what happens. Very exciting!


Suzanne said...

I understand the 'my job doesn't challenge me, time to go" view on working!

Wow, new job, new home, new husband in less than a month. You live life in the fast lane. Keep zooming!!!

caitlin said...

i am glad you like changes and chanllenges. i don't any of our lives there are changes even if they are small. my daily changlleng is not getting hurt like falling down. can i walk to work or to the shops.

i have a heat headache which always comes when it seems to very hot.

i am also counting down the days to your wedding. i miss you guys alot can't wait. love cait