Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Itsy Bitsy aaaaaaaaaaaaargh!

We took down our shed this weekend.

When I moved into Milord's rented house a couple of years ago there was a pathetic little shed in the back garden. It was covered in creeper and mostly falling down - we could just about shove the lawnmower in there but that was all. As a result Milord thought it was quite acceptable to keep things belonging in a shed in the house, like his bicycle and golf clubs, tools, pots of paint and so on. This stuff dominated the spare room, or if we had friends staying over then it all moved into the lounge and drove me crazy.

We eventually convinced the landlord to let us replace the shed. We ordered a new one which arrived in bits, then spent a weekend flattening the old shed and putting up the new one complete with a footing of 40 massive flagstones. The thing is, Milord mixed up feet and metres, so we ended up with a really enormous shed! You could park a big car in it. It was fabulous what we could pack into the space, and I delighted in clearing all sorts of junk out of the house.

Sadly the landlords were less than impressed, and they made us pay for the thing and promise to remove it when we moved out.

Which we did on Saturday - our neighbour Jim came around to help Milord dismantle the shed, and as the last panels came apart they called me to help support bits. I was happily balancing a shed wall then suddenly something ran along my arm and disappeared down my back under my top. I don't know about you but I don't handle that very well! I dropped what I was holding and scampered across to Milord squeaking "There's a bug down my back! There's a bug down my back! There's a bug down my back!". He managed to lift my shirt and flick it out:

It was a "baby" huntsman spider (they can get as big as a dinner plate - this one was 2cm across). They're not venomous but who cares? shudder

The rest of the shed removal was uneventful! Moving the flagstones took most of Sunday, and then we had to put down turf which is another story...


Lara said...

oh my god i am going to have HUGE nightmares about that!

Kat said...