Monday, 10 March 2008

House bought

Remember I told you about the horrible house we were thinking of buying? Well we bought it this weekend!

The auction was at 2pm and we got there a bit early so walked half a block to the high street for a takeaway coffee. Then we took a stroll along the street looking in shop windows... within 2 blocks we saw a butcher, fishmonger, Chinese, Greek and Thai restaurants, 3 hairdressers and 2 dollar-shops. The library is at the top of our road and the booze shop a little further along. We got so excited! That's just the start of the high street - it goes on for ages...

We got back to the house as the auction was about to start, determined to buy it. A lot of people turned up, although only 4 registered to bid - and only one person actually bid against us! We saw her off within a couple of minutes and "Sold!" cried the auctioneer. Wow, what a thrill - I was shaking for half an hour afterwards. Then we walked into the house to sign papers and shuddered at the state of it. What a dump. What have we done?

I will post before and after pictures as we sort the place out, but it's vile. We will be borrowing enough money to fix it up properly and replace the kitchen and bathroom as soon as possible... I couldn't spend a night in there at the moment! Once we are in we intend to apply for planning permission to move the kitchen and bathroom around in the house and to put a deck on the back, but that can happen next year. The sign says 3 bedrooms but we'll be knocking one out to extend the living area.

This is the front of the house - it looks ok from the outside. I think the multi-coloured roof tiles are nasty, but at least they're sound! And we'll be pulling up that pebbley cement stuff in the front yard at some time too - yuck.

Oh yeah, and it's my birthday today. A bit of an anticlimax with everything else going on! Milord spoiled me with a new camera (Canon ixus 960) and the DVD box-set of the Black@dder TV series... as I'm about to become a Black@dder I need to watch the show to understand the jokes at my expense! (I've altered the spelling there so that new bosses don't find me with a search... good old internet privacy!)


Suzanne said...

L33t to the rescue!

Congrats on the new home. You and yourlord will have many hours of togetherness turning it into your castle. It was very wise of you to arrive early and see the surrounding area. It sounds like you found a diamond in the rough.

I'm excited for the two of you!

Lara said...

congrats on the home and happy birthday! :)