Thursday, 20 March 2008

2 Weeks

2 Weeks to go to my wedding! 1 Week until I fly out to South Africa! I'm so looking forward to catching up with family and friends there, and of course to the wedding and to the travels around the country afterwards.

Weight 68kg. Excellent, so I'm maintaining just fine. What with hen parties and leaving parties that's a very good sign ;-). I've been trying to keep to my points, and I probably manage it every other day... I know that if I stayed on the 20 points a day I'd be losing! I must try to go for a run every couple of days now until the wedding too.

So what's up in my life? I sent my CV (resume) out to 10 agencies yesterday and had 7 immediate responses so that's looking good for when I get back. One agent was trying to get me to interview next week but it's just too much on top of everything else! We have found a furnished (cat friendly) let for when we arrive back from honeymoon and begin renovating the new house, and we've instructed the builder to begin sourcing people to start that rolling. The wedding planner has taken final payment (ouch).

This Easter we will be packing up the current house and cleaning it thoroughly. I got asked if it was spotless when I moved in, and well, no, as Milord had been there alone for a couple of years! He tries but he's a boy...

Good Friday tomorrow, I'm looking forward to a nice lie-in before the madness begins. Here's an Easter lolcat (one of these days I might actually use a cat pic)...

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Tully said...

I cannot wait to see the photos! I can't believe it is so close and 68 kilos is awesome.

Have a happy Easter! :-)