Thursday, 28 February 2008

House hunting - death house

Milord and I are house hunting. We will be moving out of our rental just before we fly to South Africa to marry, and will be crashing with friends until we find a new home. I miss owning my own home, renting is so annoying! Our current house has a damp problem, and needs new carpets, and a new bathroom etc etc, and we can't do anything about it because it doesn't belong to us.

We went looking at houses last weekend. In Sydney you can only look at a house for sale for a specified window of time (usually 45 min) on a Saturday. So we get the papers delivered, and in bed with a cup of coffee we make a list of possibilities and order them by time, then we charge out to look at them. Last Saturday we had 10 on the list in Marrickville. We viewed 6 of them (the other 4 were a "No" from the street), and sort of liked 3 of them. #1 I liked, but Milord didn't. #2 he liked, but I didn't (you'd have to go out of the house and down a flight of steps into the garden to get to the toilet. No no no. Seriously. No). #3 was horrible but we both see potential.

Horrible horrible *shudder*. When the agent was opening the house for its 45 minutes of fame we were standing in the front yard... I lifted my head and said "My god can you smell that?". I swear some old person died in there. The carpets date from - I dunno - the 60s? When was the busy floral/swirly pattern in vogue? Ew. The floors give as you walk on them and in some rooms sag a good half foot below the floor line. The kichen is disgusting. The "bathroom" (uck) is truely vile.

But it is structurally sound and we reckon we can afford to buy it and do it up, at least to a liveable standard. And the toilet is indoors - bonus. It is a stone's throw from a very nice high street thronging with restaurants and pubs and funky shops. It is very close to the centre of the city - and it will appreciate so much in value with not much work. The auction is on the 8th March and Milord is already playing mind games with me to make me think about spending rather a large amount of money on this shell of a dead house.

That's just over a week away and we're quite excited.

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