Thursday, 2 August 2007

Thursday Blues

Nearly the end of a very long, frustrating and boring week.

I have injured my ankle over the last couple of weeks. I think that with a combination of running training, personal training, and a weekly physio session to correct a misalignment in my right leg that my pt noticed, I have seriously overworked my right ankle and it is on strike. I have tendonitis, which is simply inflamation of the tendons running around the right-hand bump of my ankle towards my toes. So walking is painful, running is impossible, and getting down a flight of stairs is ridiculous.

I am not impressed.

This actually started nearly two weeks ago, when I ran a double Bay and knocked 4 minutes off my time, getting it down to 108 minutes. I was so chuffed with myself, and took the slight ache in my right ankle the next day in my stride (pun intended)! Then at the physio on Monday he got me onto one-(right)legged leg presses, which are a lot harder than they sound, and my ache got worse. Tuesday I had my personal training session, and the ache got worse. On Wednesday I ran speed intervals on the treadmill for half an hour, then went off to do squats and leg presses, and by Thursday I had a bit of a hobble!

I nursed it through the weekend we spent in Brisbane with Milord's mum, and by Monday it was mostly ok and I went to the physio again and he had me doing one-legged things again... and then of course I went for a run! Gillian and I ran for half an hour at lunchtime (she is now fitter and faster than me!), stopped, stretched, and as we began to walk back to the office I almost fell over because my ankle had siezed up. It was agonising!

Since then I have stopped physio, personal trainer and gym altogether. I have 9 days to go before the city2surf and I am determined to do it so I have to get my inflammation cured by then.

But it's so frustrating when you are used to at least four exercise sessions a week to have none! And when I am bored or frustrated, I eat. Comfort food. So now I am sore, fat and annoyed. Normally when I feel fat or annoyed I exercise... this is a vicious circle! Grumble grumble rhubarb...

I feel really really blue and blah.

On the bright side I have m'Lord home now for the first weekend in a while. He has a horrible cold that is driving me into the spare room at night, but that should be gone by the weekend. Ideally I'd go running on the weekend, but snuggling up to my honey is a good alternative!

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