Thursday, 23 August 2007

Diet Blog Post 3


72.3kg this morning, and my goal for this week was to be under 72.5kg.

I actually put on 1kg over the weekend (it was very decadent - loads of carbs and meat and wine - but lovely) so the last few days have been devoted to simply getting back to where I was this time last week! This goal of half a kilo a week is very achievable luckily.

I've been using about half of my Weight Watchers points allowance each day, which you are not supposed to do because starving and binging is not the way to go, but I'll settle down once I get into the habit!. I'm eating loads of fruit and salad thoughout the day with the occasional soup or tin of tuna when I get uncontrollable munchies, and then a light low-carb meal in the evening.

No booze on "schoolnights" unless I've hit goal... this means I could treat myself tonight but I want to hang on til Friday. It has been surprisingly hard to break the wine habit - we do drink an awful lot without thinking about it! What worries me is that a couple of people have told me I'm rather "tired and quiet" when I'm out while sober. So, do I "need" a few drinks to be "fun"? What a troubling thought.

Maybe it was because I hadn't had carbs for a couple of days and simply ran out of oomph. Next time I'll have a bowl of cereal first and see how I go!

Milord managed to put back all the weight he lost last week too, so he's also off the grog ;-). Our house is not exactly party central, but we're getting a lot of paperwork done!

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