Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Old News - Newsletter August 2007

August is most of the way through – the year is starting to accelerate! So what have we been up to over the past month?

Milord’s mum is not doing very well. She has spent the last 10 days in hospital, and although they are saying she should be able to go home this Friday it is apparently a matter of weeks before her struggle is over. She is now on morphine, and caring for her at home is becoming impossible. We are heading to Brisbane over the coming weekend, but I’m not sure if she will be home or if we’ll just be visiting her in hospital. Milord doesn’t talk about it much, but I know it’s very hard on him and his sister.

I joined Milord in Brisbane for the last weekend of last month too – I am visiting once a month now, to see his mum while I still can. She made a real effort to dress and come downstairs to see me, which was lovely. While we were in Brisbane it was the 50th birthday party of an old friend of Milord’s, and they threw a barbeque for about 30 people. It was interesting meeting so many folk who have known him since he was young, and I think they were interested to meet me too! The funny things was, while most of the men are fast approaching 50, their (second+) wives are mostly my age, and we were overwhelmed with kids and babies. Quite reassuring, actually!

The City2Surf run happened the weekend before last… but sadly I was unable to run as I’d hurt my ankle. It seems I “overtrained” and inflamed the damn thing a few weeks before the run, and it never quite came right. The only cure is rest, so all I could do was wait for it to improve. Gillian and I still went along, and I managed to jog for nearly half an hour before it got too sore, and then we walked the rest of the 14km. It was a very pleasant walk! We got to watch the runners and see the scenery, and it felt like a lovely Sunday stroll. We still got medals (!) and our names in the paper, and are keen to try again next year ;-).

Last weekend I took Milord away to escape from life for a couple of days. We hired a tiny little bungalow on a ridge in the middle of nowhere a couple of hours north of Sydney, with a big spa tub on the veranda overlooking dense bush. It was perfect, we read books and napped and soaked and ate and drank lots of wine. We really needed the break, and came back feeling recharged.

At the end of the month we are off to NZ to pick up my visa and go skiing. That should be lots of fun, although we always have the shadow of Milord’s mum hanging over us… He has a flexible return so can hurtle back if necessary, while I really will need to hang around for my visa. It may not come to that though, so I’m not thinking about it!

Hmm what else? Work is boring, my weight is at a crisis level and I’ve actually dusted off my willpower and am starting to see results, and so far this month we are still within budget!

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