Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Lunar Eclipse

Last night there was a total lunar eclipse in Sydney. It was a lovely clear night, and the eclipse happened after 6pm, reaching total blackout sometime after 8pm. I'm a bit fuzzy on the details because the evening turned into something of a street party! We have lovely neighbours in our street of terraces, and as the moon was rising street-side during the eclipse everyone came out onto their front porches to see it and started chatting. and then out came beers and wine and champagne... in my case all on an empty stomach!

By the time we went indoors I was decided tipsy, and the low-calorie soup waiting for us didn't have much effect! We watched a little TV and I collapsed into bed - I didn't even notice m'Lord when he came along later. I am slightly under the weather this morning!

My weight is at 72.2kg today. I put on half a kilo over the weekend but have almost lost that again, and my goal this week is 72 so I'm nearly there. We are out for dinner tonight at a place called "The Meat and Wine Company", so as you can imagine it will be a struggle to be good! Then on Friday m'Lord and I are off to New Zealand for 9 days holiday, so I'm sure I'm going to lose the plot for a while. Milord reckons the skiing will counteract the lifestyle, but as I keep telling him we're only skiing for 3 days out of 9, and skiing isn't really that hard! It's mostly sliding downhill after all ;-).

I'm a bit curious about the skiing next week, actually. In Europe, where I learned, there are 4 levels of ski run: green (beginners), blue (easy), red (advanced) and black (insane). In Australia and NZ they have green, blue and black. I used to be a red skier, so I assume I'm a blue here - but am I going to find it too easy and want to do blacks? Or are the blues here really hard? In which case, poor beginners, I'd have hated to go straight to red in Europe! Anyone skied both areas and have an opinion?

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