Monday, 13 August 2007

City2Surf 2007

Yesterday Gillian and I did the City2Surf from the centre of Sydney to Bondi beach. Sadly I can't say that we "ran" it, because my ankle was giving me grief so after about half an hour we walked. Our time was 2h21 over 14km (that's 141 minutes, just over 10 minutes per km

It was a lot of fun in spite of my ankle, people really get into the spirit of the fun run. There were 64000+ runners and walkers and pram-pushers, a lot of folk in costumes, and loads of spectators and encouragement. It was extremely well organised too - plenty of porta-loos and water tables and ambulances and marshals.

The weather was stunning, up to 20 C with a cool breeze. Once you leave the city the route goes through some lovely expensive suburbs and follows the coast along Rose Bay, then up a hill and down again with views of the sea into Bondi. When we got to Bondi we bought a bottle of wine and a hot dog and sat on the sand enjoying the atmosphere. Then jumped on one of the myriad free busses back to the city, grabbed cheese and biscuits and went back to my house for a shower, wine and nibbles...

I'm a little stiff today, and my ankle is a bit sore but not nearly as bad as I was expecting. After all the food and drink yesterday the scale was pretty mean to me this morning, and I am now determined to get back into my diet and gym routine, although I'll be doing the bike not the treadmill until I stop hurting.

Gillian is now trying to talk me into the 9km Harbour Bridge run in 5 weeks time. I'll see how my ankle shapes up by the end of the month ;-)

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