Friday, 17 August 2007

Love Shack

I'm a little hungover today... which means - woohoo - that my weight got below 73kg this week! Yay! That's 160.6 pounds or 11.5 stone for you imperialists. I celebrated by going for drinks after work with mates in a cocktail bar with a half-price happy hour... fun but I'm feeling it now ;-).

I was ever so good Monday thru Wednesday, and my scale told me 72.5 yesterday morning no matter how I leaned on it (it tends to fluctuate by half a kilo, and that was the heavy reading!) I'm very chuffed. My goal is a very achievable half kilo (one pound) loss per week until I get to 65kg (143.3 pounds, 10.2 stone), which in theory will be the first week of December. I'm not thinking about that too much though, I'll concentrate on achievable baby steps.

Milord managed to shed a whole kilo this week too, so we're both pleased. He reckons he'll lose 10kg before I lose my 8kg... he's probably right, men lose weight so much easier than women.

Next week's goal is to get below 72.5kg. I have a very decadent weekend coming up, so that might be harder than it sounds!

m'Lord and I are going away to the "Love Shack", a little bungalow in the middle of nowhere overlooking the bush. It is extremely secluded and has a log stove inside and a spa tub on the veranda. We can't wait! We haven't been away in ages, and really need a break. What with his mum deteriorating and a heavy workload m'Lord has been getting very run down. It will be good to get out of the city and away from everything including the cat, with nothing to do but relax and spoil ourselves.

I've packed a lot of wine, plenty of bubbly to have in the spa (bubbles in bubbles is just perfect), a couple of slow roasts and lots of nibbles. We've thrown our walking boots in the car in case the mood takes us, and we've also packed books and dvds and massage oil.... mmm.

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