Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Diet Blog Post 1

This blog sort of started as a "this is where I've been lately if my email was too long to read" sort of a travel blog thing.

Then it began to get a bit of personality... not too much because I don't find myself that interesting yet, but I'm guessing that will come with time if anyone starts commenting ;-). I don't know how folk manage to post daily - I'm trying hard to post weekly, but I think it may be weakly instead. I read a fair number of blogs, and in dull moments I hit the "random blog" link at the top of this page and I've stumbled across some interesting stuff.

I've been reading travel blogs, mommy blogs, diet blogs, and medical blogs. So the way I see it, my travelling has mostly stopped since moving to Oz so I can't have a travel blog. I'm not a mommy yet so it's not a mommy blog. I know nothing about medicine so duh. Something I do know a fair bit about however, is dieting, so I may as well add diet blog stuff to this blog.

I found a fab diet blog at 101 Reasons I hate being fat. I also regularly check up on The Grumpy Chair Dieter (she's also a mommy blogger, but swears enough to be interesting). There are more, but these ladies are inspirational. They're lots bigger than me (they're also American so measure in pounds which I can't do... I guesstimate 2lb = 1kg) but they stick to their guns in spite of past failure and are generally upbeat. You go girls!

Ok, my diet history first I suppose... I was always a plump kid. I "blossomed" a whole lot later than my peers so I was a puppy-fat flat-chested freak for a few years when everyone else hit their growth spurts. This self image hung on long after I finally caught up with everyone, and when I was at my willowy-est I still felt short and podgy. When I look at the pictures of that skinny little teenager who hated her body I could cry!

In my late teens and early twenties I started to like myself, although I always hated my tummy and would wear the biggest, baggiest tops I could find. I did a lot of waitressing around that time while I was studying at college, and it was probably good exercise because I could eat anything and stay thin, and I joined a gym and toned up for the first time ever. Then I got a desk job and stopped waitressing, and then I moved out of home and started cooking for myself, and then I couldn't afford the gym and stopped going, and then I got myself a party-animal boyfriend and discovered booze.

Since then it has been a constant struggle.

A few years ago in London I was pretty miserable. My job sucked and my party-animal boyfriend left me and I piled on the weight suddenly enough to get stretch marks. Gross. I realised I had to get a grip, so I joined Weight Watchers and I bought an elliptical trainer and made a real effort. My weight then was 69kg, and over a year I brought it down to my goal of 63kg and a bit below. I learned a lot about what I should and shouldn't be eating to stay satisfied and healthy and still be losing. I stopped eating meat pies, and cheese, and loaves of bread with real butter. I discovered zero-point soups and salads and the joys of butternut squash (no points - fab!).

When I stick to my points I lose weight. When I drift over my points a little I stay the same. When I am a completely self-indulgent pig I gain weight. Simple really. After reaching my goal I relaxed and generally hovered around 65kg.

When I moved to Australia 18 months ago I was heavier than I wanted to be at 67kg, but it was mid-winter and post Christmas and I wasn't too hard on myself. Sadly Milord and I live extremely well, and I have watched my weight gently creep up to 73kg and my bra size go up a cup. We made a big effort at the start of this year and both lost a few kilos, but they're back again.

So now I am going to blog about it in the hope that public humiliation will help! My starting weight today is 73kg. My goal weight is 65kg (more than last time, but I have a boyfriend now). I want to fit back into the cute dresses I was wearing when I moved here, I want to drink less alcohol, and I want to help my lovely man to trim down a bit too. We have a bad habit of leading each other astray!

8kg to lose. How hard can it be?!

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