Tuesday, 24 July 2007


I read a statistic in the paper this weekend that the usage of Facebook in Australia has jumped from 2500 to 250000 since the beginning of the year (or something like that, don't quote me). It certainly seems like about once a week I get an invitation from someone to "become their friend" on Facebook.

So yeah, I signed up, linked to some friends and family, and have rather been enjoying it. I have a lot of cousins who are quite a bit younger than me and I didn't spend much time with them as they were growing up because I was studying and stuff, and then they were teenagers who never came to family gatherings, and then I left the country. They're mostly on Facebook now and it is great to be connected. I even found out one of them is pregnant today via Facebook - it's takes years for the family grapevine to pass that info along sometimes! Louise, if you find my blog - congrats!

Another funny thing about Facebook is how you can sometimes find folk from your past. The article I read referred to Facebook as "Stalkbook" because people were looking up old flames. I had to laugh aloud yesterday when I received a message from my first ever serious boyfriend when I was 17. If you read my 100 Things you may find a reference to him ;-). Wierd.

Milord is not interested in Facebook or blogging or any of the new open communication on the internet stuff. He's a bit older than me and I think the whole instant-messaging thing just passes him by. I guess I'm lucky he managed to write me all those emails that made me fall in love with him 2 and a half years ago! It's certainly not his usual style.

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