Saturday, 8 January 2011

Who Needs a Trampoline?

Princess loves clambering on us and bouncing on our bellies! Especially Milord's belly for some reason - can't imagine why!


And for an added Princess Fix, here she is supervising me in the kitchen... I've been bugging Milord to make me a barrier into the kitchen area, but as long as we are careful where we step it's been ok so far. Once Princess figures out cupboards I'll have to install safety catches though.


greytonsal said...

Oh, so cute, every home should have one! If she keeps up the trampolining Daddy will disappear! Less than 2 months until I get to be with you all - I can't wait!

Suzanne said...

So, so cute! I love the videos and pictures. Such a happy girl you have!

waterbob said...

Wow! The energy level is amazing and the video is such fun to watch. Thank you.