Monday, 10 January 2011

New Years Resolutions?

I've never been much of a one for New Years Resolutions. My goal for this year is simply to carry a perfect baby to term, and that depends more on luck than anything else!

Milord has decided that he has to do something drastic about his weight - he put on weight in sympathy when I was pregnant with Princess and has had as much success as I have in losing it! He does plenty of exercise - he cycles to and from work and swims laps a couple of times per week - so it comes down to food. And booze.

We don't eat much junk but we do have trouble with portion control, especially if I knock up a stunning roast. That which should feed us twice disappears into Milord's second and third helpings...

So we're signing up for Lite 'n Easy - one of those weightloss programs where they send you all your meals and snacks for every day of the week, prepackaged and/or frozen. Milord is doing 3 meals a day and I'm doing breakfast and dinner, party in solidarity and partly because I'm not going to cook just for me while defrosting his meal! I'm leaving lunches flexible.

I think where we'll struggle is not hunger, as there seems to be plenty of food in the plan, but in quality. We are used to meals made with the freshest meat, salad and veg, and on the plan every dinner is pre-cooked and frozen with frozen veg on the side. I can't remember the last time I had a completely frozen meal (excluding pies and pizza perhaps).

I gave up booze on Jan 1st as a January detox, and now that the partying is over Milord has joined me. He says he won't be drinking again until he's lost 15kg. I've heard this before but I'll support him in whatever happens! If he sticks to it he could lose 1kg per week easily.

I'd definitely like to get to 70kg, which is my pre-Princess weight. Ideally I'd like to see 67kg on the scale, which is the weight I was when I moved to Australia. And in my dreams I'd love to get to 65kg, which is a very healthy BMI! We shall see.

I've lost 1kg since the start of the month, and am now 73.5kg. 3.5kg to go to my main goal!


waterbob said...

Good luck folks - you are doing the right things and you know where the problem lies. I find that any work that keeps me out of the kitchen and away from the freezer also helps. Difficult now with two teenagers in the house and a retired granny making cookies and stuff!

Anonymous said...

If princess bouncing on ur tummy. Use as her as weights u will loose. Cait