Monday, 3 January 2011

A Teetotal New Year

Well, my secret-pregnancy fake-boozing on New Years Eve went well!

I was drinking gin and tonic (sans gin), which Milord was under strict instruction to keep topped up as our mates are a bit good at refreshing your glass once it is empty. That's the reason I couldn't fake drinking wine by substituting apple juice - when a bottle of wine is open we all share, and if your glass is low it will be topped up without asking. Usually a great system, but not good for fakery!

I said I didn't want to mix my drinks so stuck to "gin and tonic" all night. Once or twice I accepted a special glass of champagne or dessert wine, but after a sip or two Milord swapped his empty glass for mine and no one noticed. At midnight I endured the drunken hugs and well wishes and then snuck off to bed.

What stone cold sober at midnight looks like...

On New Years Day I announced I was starting a January detox, which I've done for the past couple of years so it wasn't suspicious. Everyone else was so ill they weren't really surprised at my "detox", and Milord had fun pretending to tempt me with wine!

A couple of times I got cornered into eating smelly cheese or bit of pate, but I just had a little and then moved away.

The hard part was putting up with the bollocks people spout when they've had a few! Our companions are Milord's friends, and while I get along with them they can be hard work usually - never mind when I'm completely sober! I went to bed very early once I was "on my detox" and read my book rather than put up with it... nobody seemed to mind so that's ok.

Regarding the pregnancy itself, I think it's ok. I haven't bled in over a week, and actually Milord reminded me that we'd had sex shortly before the bleeding which is a common cause in early pregnancy, so that eases my mind. My boobs have started feeling heavy with the occasional stabbing pain (this is what happened last time) and I am generally a little weary with a suppressed appetite, so I'm "feeling pregnant".

I won't be completely on-board with this pregnancy until I see the baby's heartbeat, but I have a good feeling about it.

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