Saturday, 15 January 2011

Teething Hell


Poor Princess is about to cut her canines, and they're giving her serious trouble. She wakes screaming from every sleep and it's taking double the painkillers to help her cope. (I try to avoid meds, but when my usually cheerful baby is weeping and clinging and unable to eat I'll do anything!) It's been nearly 2 weeks now - she has the occasional couple of days where she seems fine and I breathe a sigh of relief, but the next day the screaming and gnawing start again. It's very draining (she won't even go to Milord in this state) and I'll admit to putting Princess to bed extremely early a couple of times because I was about to lose it... at which point she conked out and slept like a log so maybe I can praise my mommy-instincts? No? Hmm.


When the teeth ease or the painkillers work Princess goes back to her normal cheerful chatty inquisitive self. She's begun crawling on hands and knees on the living room mat, although it looks like it takes extreme concentration to coordinate everything and she reminds me a lot of a chameleon hesitating along a branch! When she reaches the slippery wood floor or wants to go fast she still drops to her belly to push along. Princess has also got the hang of a very sturdy squat-sit, and can reach a lot higher than before...

Words (surprisingly clear most of the time):
Seeds (what I call the raisin seed mix Princess snacks on)
Mama (sometimes Mum-mi)

Princess understands a lot more than she can vocalise, and when we do the "Where's the horse/flower/sheep/butterfly etc" game she gets it right 9 times out of ten. She's constantly pointing at things to learn what they're called, which is awesome but does my head in eventually... How many times must I say "Nose. Chin. Eye. Nose. Mouth. Nose." as a small finger pokes my face?

Of course Princess is testing her boundaries too. Food gets deliberately dropped on the floor while she looks me in the eye. She hits me in the face and bats food from my hands when I'm trying to feed her. She tried to bite me this week - but stopped at the last moment which was lucky for her as she would have got shouted at for the first time! On the whole I ignore the bad behavior and it soon stops when she doesn't get my attention. I've surprised myself with the extent of my patience, and I hope I can keep it up!

I've been told that babies don't understand negatives like "Don't do x", so I've started saying things like "No, yucky!" instead of "Don't eat that!" and it seems to work better... sometimes.


And naturally even when I am at the end of my tether just one cuddle makes it all ok again. Princess' evening lullaby ends in "...dreams come truuuuuue" and she often echoes "ooooooo" which makes me melt.

Wish us speedy tooth eruptions and a long gap before the next lot!


greytonsal said...

My sympathies to you all whilst the teething takes place. Luckily we only have a finite number of them! Love the crawling, I can see the resemblence to the cameleon! I often think thundering along on your knees on a wooden floor must be a bit sore, so Princess is probably the clever one to slide! Thanks for the videos and the photos, it brings her much closer!

Anonymous said...

It made my day reading about my only favourite niece-new. Cait

waterbob said...

Our sympathies to you all especially the one whose teeth are trying to hurt her. Great vids and lovely pics. Thank you.

Kat said...

Love the last pic of her on her little sofa :)

Janey said...

Princess is very left-handed, isn't she? Like a certain auntie. Nice to hear your voice too.