Monday, 10 January 2011

Almost 7 Weeks

So, here I am almost 7 weeks pregnant.


I'm having so much trouble getting invested in this pregnancy. I'm doing all the right things of course - no forbidden foods or alcohol and all the right vitamins etc - I just can't let myself be happy about it because I'm too scared I'll miscarry again.

I have made a doctors appointment for 2 days time, and I'll ask her for a referral for a scan so that we can check that this baby is ok. I desperately need to see that galloping heartbeat!

I still "feel pregnant". I'm needing a nap in the afternoon, my appetite is all over the place and my boobs are definitely a bit fuller.

I suppose I should start recording some stats...

Weight at conception: 74.5kg
Weight at 7 weeks: 73.5kg
Loss/Gain: -1kg

Ooooh. I've just found out that another one of the women in my Mother's Group is miscarrying... That makes 3 of us out of 11. Oh that makes me feel even worse!

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