Wednesday, 19 January 2011

January Detox

Our January detox is going well. I'm nearly 3 weeks off the booze and Milord is just over 2 weeks. He's doing Lite 'n Easy for all meals and I'm joining him for the dinners, because I'm not going to cook just for me! I'm pretty good at eating light during the day anyway, so it's good to have portion control at night.

Milord has lost 2kg and I've lost 1.5kg. Not bad going! I am now 73kg, the lightest I've been since I was breastfeeding in Sept 2009(and run too ragged to feed myself).

The Lite 'n Easy meals are actually pretty good. There have been a few items that we'll try to swap out in future orders, but we've not totally turned our noses up at anything! The best part has to be that no lunch or dinner repeats for several weeks.

Milord has even reduced his amounts, as he wasn't getting through all his food! (He was on the top calorific option, with 3 meals, 2 light snacks and 1 large snack per day. Now he's just on 3 meals and 2 light snacks.) He's being very good and has dropped his daily couple of full-cream cappuccinos for black coffees, which also helps.

I'm now at the annoying point where my fat clothes are too loose and the trousers fall down, but my normal clothes give me a hideous muffin top. I ought to be exercising too, but it's been really hot and sticky lately (and I'm lazy)! I will though, as I'm jolly flabby, especially around the middle. My mummy-tummy needs some serious attention!!


waterbob said...

Well done you two. From what I have read about the concept, the fact that you don't have to do the preparation and face all the temptation in that area is a big contributor. Wear the muffin tops and face the incentive!

Hedgehog said...

Wow both of you - well done so far! I need to lose 10 and have begun by starting Pilates (mainly to strengthen my tum so my back wont go out so often!). My problem is portion control as I'm very active and the food I eat is healthy (except for Cadbury's Wholenut, Smarties, M&Ms, etc.!!!)

Peter said...

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