Monday, 29 November 2010

Bad Poems 6

I'm posting some very old poems that I wrote when I was 17 and 18. Some I knew were terrible at the time!

I still like this one. After 20 years it still exactly encapsulates the way I feel at the start of a new relationship!

Broken heart now fully healing,
Deadened senses new set reeling,
Lost emotions again feeling,
Sorrow stealing, armor peeling,
With soft kiss sweet promise sealing.

Leave behind past love’s betraying,
Impulse throughout clear thought playing.
Distrust fades while hope is staying.
Doubt delaying, judgment swaying,
Trust what trusting heart is saying.

Set heart’s battered banner flying.
Take the chance instinct is lying.
No more from emotion shying,
Tears all drying, fear denying,
Love is worth the risk of trying.

Dec 1990

That's it for my old poems. I do have a bunch of old limericks too, but they name people explicitly ("There was a weird nutter called x...") and that's just not cool to post on the internets.

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waterbob said...

Sad that they have come to an end - I enjoyed them; but then most of my culture is in my eye and I can't tell marvelous from brilliant.