Monday, 15 November 2010

Bad Poems 4

I'm posting some very old poems that I wrote when I was 17 and 18. Some I knew were terrible at the time!

Something tells me I was a bit over school in my final year!

The sky’s a clear and pastel blue
With fresh green grass beneath.
The brook’s agleam with sparkle new
Since rain fell on the heath.

Small birds are winging through the air
With happy, laughing cries.
They’re unrestricted, flying fair,
And their joy never dies.

On such a lovely winter’s day,
With frost so soon to come,
It’s really sad we have to stay
In school all cold and glum.

We need to stand beneath the sky
And see the stream adance.
We need to laugh, we need to fly,
Whene’er we have a chance.

Don’t hold us back, don’t weigh us down,
Please set us free to run.
Our childhood’s fading fast and still
You keep us from the sun.

Nov 1989


Here I sit among my peers,
Schoolwork coming out my ears,
I am feeling bored to tears,
How I hate this class.

I just want to sit and sleep,
Education you can keep,
Go and take a flying leap,
How I hate this class.

Here I am slumped in my chair,
For this work I do not care,
This is more than I can bear,
How I hate this class.

I want to get up and flee,
Can’t somebody hear my plea?
All this boredom’s killing me,
How I hate this class.

I am drooping in my seat,
All these facts I must repeat,
Simple problems have me beat,
How I hate this class.

Hear the teacher’s constant bray,
Why must I suffer this way?
From this place I’d gladly stray,
How I hate this class.

Nov 1989



In eyes, piggy behind lenses
Evil fire sputters green.
Snide and nasty looks are sent out
Making her seem more obscene.

Bulging jowls of fat are flapping,
Fishlike mouth a thin, hard line,
Puffy hands are clenched in anger
As she watches for a sign

Of things not as she would have them.
Then she fills her lungs again
Startling bats down from their perches
When she squawks, just like a hen.

No one, you say, could be like this,
You think that I have made it up.
But, I tell you, it’s the pure truth,
Can’t someone please shut her up?

Nov 1989


waterbob said...

I enjoyed them - sort of intrigued to see the ones about your family!

Lisa said...

LOL! love it! I always knew you were very literate and very smart! As a grownup, it's always sad to realise that I did not get to know you really, cuz! We were close when we were younger family but I bet we would have had loads of teenage things in common and loads of laughs!