Sunday, 5 December 2010

Family Album

I read somewhere that it's nice to make your baby a little photo album of family, especially if they are distant, to help them learn faces and names. So for the past couple of days I've been compiling a tiny album for Princess. I reused a small sad old board book as I couldn't find a proper photo album that'd stand up to the abuse...

In this album are pictures of [living] immediate family, godparents, and my best friend who has agreed to be Princess' guardian once she's settled in Australia.

I presented the album to Princess this morning and she can't get enough of it! She's good at identifying Mummy and Daddy, and we're making progress on the rest ;-)

For those of you in the album who read my blog, here are the pics I chose:


My Mom

My sister

My Stepmom

My Dad

Apart from that life is good. It's been raining all week and I've been playing the new xbox Assasins Creed. When the rain pauses I'm trying to finish off painting the front of the house, and weeding the garden.

Princess is practicing commando crawling, and is jolly quick underfoot! We have to barricade half the house and keep doors shut. Our Christmas tree is set up inside the playpen!

Life is pretty darn good.


waterbob said...

Great choice of pics and what a good idea. I can remember that you and your sister loved the family albums and used to spend hours looking at anything that had yourselves in it.

greytonsal said...

What a clever idea and nice pics of us, for a change! It is nice to think that Princess will be able to put names to faces soon. What a gorgeous poppet you have!

Cait said...

Great album

Suzanne said...

Great idea, great pictures and I'm glad things are going well.

Those pictures of Princess smiling are absolutely adorable.

Nat said...

It's a lovely idea :) Princess is looking gorgeous!
Pics of snow up now, as requested...

kat said...

What a fab idea :) Super last picture of the princess too - makes you happy just to look at it :)