Friday, 5 November 2010

Your Princess Fix

It's been a quiet week - yucky weather and I have a new xbox game that's been taking up a lot of time! Princess rolls around at my feet amusing herself with her toys, chatting non-stop. She's managing to sort of crawl backwards for surprising distances, and I am sure she'll get the hang of forwards soon!

Princess has started self-feeding herself the odd meal, and her coordination is coming along nicely. It does mean meals now take over an hour, but at least I can prep my dinner or clean the kitchen at the same time! I have to watch my step though, as it is apparently interesting to drop peas to the floor and watch what happens...

This past Tuesday was the Melbourne Cup horse race. It's one of those nation-wide celebrations, and I had my Mothers Group over and we did a little sweep-stake and wore silly hats.

New words:
"Boh" = "Boo" while playing peekaboo
"Bow" = "Bowl"
"Poo" = "Spoon"
"Kuh" = "Cup"
"Kah" = "Car"
"Buh" = "Bird"

Over the last 2 days Princess has started going "Mmmmmmah! Mamamamamama" so I'm very hopeful there might be a "Muhmeh" in my near future! Her "Dahdeh" is too adorable.

Oh, and 2 new teeth - her first baby molars - have arrived! So that's 10 teeth now.


waterbob said...

Thanks Chick - always a good way to start my weekend. Great to hear that the words are beginning to flow.

greytonsal said...

Golly doesn't she look like you and her aunty? Gorgeous pictures and very glam in the hats! Great fun when the words start and she is a proper little chatterbox when I hear her over the phone. Keep the photos and news coming, it keeps us going!

Cait said...

She's beautiful & she looks like naughty princess