Sunday, 21 November 2010

Your Princess Fix

Just a quickie...

Princess is moving! Forwards! Just an inch at a time, using toes and elbows, but we are very excited!

New words:
"Puh" = Plane (pointing at the sky as an aeroplane rumbles overhead. Every 60 seconds some days. Sigh)
"Ffff!" = Flower. Also food, fruit and hungry...
On seeing a cup of coffee: "'p" = Cup. Followed by "Yawyawyaw" (= Owowow. I'm trying to teach her that coffee cups are hot!)
"T!" = Tongue (often while holding said tongue in her fingers)
"Teh" = Teeth
"Hhhhaah" = Hair (while running her hand through it)
"Buh" = Button. Which must be handled and sometimes chewed. Mummy doesn't let her chew on mummy's buttons, but Milord has been known to end up with a soaked collar!

We've started going to a local pool occasionally and Princess LOVES it! Loads od kicking and splashing and floating. I'm trying to teach her to close her eyes and mouth and hold her breath but she's having too much fun and swallows half the pool. I guess the main thing is that she's having fun, right?


Cait said...

She's a real water baby. & can she talk alot. Hugs

Suzanne said...

So very cute! Pretty soon, she'll be toddling all over the place and talking your ear off. :)

waterbob said...

Exciting stuff - so much happening there! Movie soon please when you can persuade her to crawl forward for the camera.