Saturday, 13 November 2010

Summer is Here!

We're having a very hot week with temps reaching 30C every day. I have half pumped up the huge paddling pool I got off eBay (I got too hot and tired to finish pumping it up - I'll do that on a cooler day!) and Princess LOVES it.

We're filling it from our rain tanks so it's guilt-free, which is good because I have to empty it every couple of days to keep it nice.

I had a couple of my Mother's Group around yesterday, and the pool handles 3 adults and 3 babies just fine! Awesome.

Between the pool and the new air-conditioner indoors it's going to be a very comfortable summer.


waterbob said...

The pool looks great and she will love it. I see your plants are looking good and you are so clever to hang the shade off the washing line - I thought there was an optical illusion at first. And the standard of great hats continues!

Cait said...

Can i visit it wont stop raining. Im still in winter stuff. Our new water baby looks like shes having fun. Luu u. Hugs & xxx

greytonsal said...

It is superb! Reminds me of when you and aunty were little and you loved your pool. Can't wait to join in and air con too! Yippee!