Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Weekend Away - Hyams Beach

We needed to get out of our house last weekend as the new hardwood floors were being varnished. The process takes a couple of days and then you can't walk on them (or breathe) for 2 more days. So we decided to take a winter-break/baby-moon on the coast a few hours south of Sydney, in a village called Hyams Beach.

We stayed in the little blue house...

I found a little bungalow right on the beach and Milord is already talking about our next trip there with the baby! It was a lovely lazy 4 days - we read a couple of books and did a jigsaw and watched movies in between naps, gazing at the view, too much food and the occasional walk on the beach. The wind was freezing but the sun was warm, and with a heater running indoors we were very cosy.

I've been a bit jaded recently - fed up with renovations and work and the city in winter, so this trip was just what I needed to recharge a bit.

We watched the sun rise over the sea every morning from the bed, fed flocks of cheeky parrots and had a big grey kangaroo turn up to be hand-fed slices of bread.

Dolphins at dawn

This post is a bit photo-heavy, sorry ;-)

Just beautiful ;-)


Suzanne said...

That looks heavenly! I hope you enjoyed a little holiday before your littlie arrives.

Kat said...

Ah, we went to this beach for like half an hour when we were there, and loved it!! Looks like you had a really great break :) And how are the new floors?

waterbob said...

It sounds and looks amazing. I Google Earthed and it seems only mildly populated as well - Like Saldanha without ships!
Pics of the house soon I hope.

Nat said...

Lovely pics....glad you had a nice break :-)