Thursday, 9 July 2009

Preggy Update

Week: 30 and 4 days

Less than 10 weeks to go! Woohoo the end is in sight! Milord turned to me this morning and said "Hey, you were already born by this point right?". I think so. I need one of my parents to remind me exactly how premature I was, but I do know that I was very early and very lucky to be here today.

I left these at home today, so I'll just post what I remember
Weight: 77kg (+2.5kg from week 27, +5.5kg since start)
Waist: 98cm (+3cm from week 27, +11cm since start)

Ooooh an extra 3cm on my bump in 3 weeks. Yowzer.

I am well but certain things are getting hard:
Picking anything up off the floor.
Scrubbing the bottom of the bath.
Walking up an incline - I get really puffed really quickly.
Standing for more than 5 minutes makes my feet ache.
Walking for more than 10 minutes makes my hips ache.
I can still touch my toes - but it's not easy to breathe at the same time!

Milord has been very good. Until this past weekend he hadn't realised just how much I struggle at stuff - we went for a few walks and while I was fine on the flat the moment I had to go up a hill I'd just about die! I also refused to do some rock-hopping... my balance is a bit shot and I've lost all confidence when it comes to jumping around. I feel really "precious" actually... I hope I'm not as annoying as I feel!

Hmm what else? My wedding rings are getting tight, although not all of the time. I always take them off at night so hopefully I won't get caught out when they get too tight to wear and jam on my finger!

Today the baby is kicking and squirming all in front. This tickles and sometimes makes me jump. And yes, Kat, it is very wierd and freaky and just like that scene in Alien when the creature is about to burst out of that guy's abdomen! On the one hand I'm chuffed because it means the baby is alive and kicking (ooh a pun!) but on the other it is kinda "wtf?!".

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waterbob said...

I hope your Mom has a better grip on the past. I think my mind has erased the detail because of the panic and fear and worry going on at that time as I tried to get her to the hospital. Seven months is the best that I can contribute - so it is about that time!