Thursday, 16 July 2009

Preggy Update

Week: 31 and 4 days

Weight: 78kg (+1kg from week 30, +6.5kg since start)
Waist: 98cm (+2cm from week 30, +13cm since start)

Holy crap- up 1kg and 2cm in one week! Slow down kiddo, we still have 8 weeks to go!

I'm starting to make a list of things I will do in approximately 2 months time. I'll be adding to this as we go along I'm sure:

  1. Sleep on my front and back. I end up on my back a few times through the night to ease my shoulders and hips, but I know I shouldn't be there so I roll onto my side as soon as things feel better. My favourite way of sleeping is on my front though, and I haven't been able to do that for a very long time... for a while I could sort of prop a hip and shoulder up on pillows and sleep mostly on my front, but the baby gets super-squirmy now if I try which totally defeats the object!

  2. Have a really hot bath

  3. Get tipsy!

  4. Go for more than an hour without weeing

  5. Roll over in my sleep without waking up. And without buffeting Milord with my body pillow!

This week I had a checkup with my doctor and he had the results of a couple of tests. I passed the Glucose Tolerance test (so I'm not diabetic), but failed the Group B Strep one (I have bacteria down below). Drat. This just means that I'll need some antibiotics during labour, so no real drama but I was hoping not to need it.

He also had news about my iron levels. I'd dropped from a pretty good iron store level to borderline anaemic! My baby girl has sucked the iron from my bones in spite of the preggy supplements I take - that's amazing. I know I haven't felt like greens or red meat during this pregnancy but I'd have thought the special vitamins would pick up the slack. He's put me on iron supplements (a special non-constipating one, yay), and here's the funny thing: I feel perkier already! Everything I read tells me I shouldn't feel different for a couple of weeks yet, but I swear I'm already a whole lot more bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Placebo effect perhaps?

I still need to be in bed by 9pm, but I no longer feel like a somnambulating baby bump during the day. Milord has his wife back - I even laughed at his jokes yesterday! The poor guy - I haven't had mood swings but I have been a washed-out version of myself for most of the year.

What else? BP good. Uterus still growing and now at 31cm. The baby moves most of the time, especially after meals. Today she is kicking me solidly in the bladder. Not. Very. Comfortable!

I'm starting to look at lists for the hospital bag and at birth plans. So far my birth plan is pretty much:
  1. No induction.

  2. Let me move around until I am ready for the

  3. Epidural!

  4. No C/S.

  5. Ignore all of the above if the baby is in danger.

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Kat said...

Wow, amazing what a difference some iron can make eh! Very exciting to be getting so close now.