Friday, 24 July 2009

House Renovation 2009 - Week 10

I can haz kitchen?

Ok, most of a kitchen anyway... we are still waiting for the black granite worktop which should be another week, but isn't it gorgeous! It's bigger than we envisioned and there is tons of storage. There was a mistake with the fridge cavity which is too small, but that will be rectified in a couple of days. I can't use the sink, dishwasher or oven yet, but I have been packing the cupboards and drawers and I'm very happy.

It totally changes the living space, and now we have a good feel for the lounge/dining areas.

We brought all our furniture back from storage yesterday but we can't really arrange it yet as the walls need finishing and the electrics aren't connected up. We did eat dinner at the dining table last night for the first time in months and it was fab!

This is the laundry - the tiles are down and now we need the plumbing sorted out.

Still outstanding:

  • Electrical wall sockets and light fittings. Milord has decided to get the electrician back after all. phew.

  • Plumbing (gas and water) in kitchen and laundry.

  • Painting of walls, ceiling and trim, and staining of fences and woodwork.

  • Skirtings.

  • Mozzie screens.

  • Front yard prettifying. This is coming along nicely - I have a porch! And steps!

  • Kitchen worktop and range hood.

  • Backyard tidying - our yard is a tip. Literally.

  • Baby's room. We've cleared out of this room but it is still full of boxes waiting to unload into the living room. By the weekend I should be able to start arranging things in there.

We still have no cashflow and are in debt to a number of tradesmen. Oh well. At least the place will look good when they inspect it for the mortgage advance!


estelle said...

Hey darling, your house is starting to look magic.
Almost as good as you do.

lots of love

Suzanne said...

It is so bright and airy! I am jealous of the sunlight while you dine!

waterbob said...

Really looking super, Chick. You guys have achieved a great home.

greytonsal said...

Hi Love, It is really looking super. So bright and airy. Can just imagine how happy you are feeling. The house is really super now!