Wednesday, 15 July 2009

House Renovation 2009 - Week 6..8

Ok, I don't know what happened to weeks 6 and 7! Lots of work has been going on but it isn't very exciting to me - fencing, waterproofing, plastering, wiring etc.

Fence (on shitty-loud-music-neighbour's side):

Stairs to the back deck:

Last week we got home from a few days away to find our stunning Tasmanian Blue Gum hardwood floors sanded and sealed. Its a glowing blonde wood - slightly pinkish to begin with but that fades after a bit. Gorgeous.

Over the last couple of days the plasterer has been finishing off inside and today I think he'll begin tiling the laundry, and Milord is going to start painting. We'd much rather Milord was in paid employment for this half of the week (his main employer has cut him to 2 days a week), but I suppose we are "saving" a little money by DIYing where we can.

Money is an issue. We spoke to the bank about another mortgage advance and they said "Uh, didn't you just have one a little while ago? You might have to wait." So we are waiting... as are the tradesmen to whom we currently owe tens of thousands of dollars. The credit cards are starting to smoke. Hmmm.

Last week all the kitchen appliances got delivered. Look at the size of our new fridge/freezer! It's ginormous and I love it! Once it gets plumbed in we'll have constant ice and chilled water. The side-by-side doors open onto a single huge fridge area, and the bottom drawer is a sort of chest freezer with a couple of sliding sections.

Our kitchen cabinets arrive today and should get installed by the end of the week. Then we have to get the stone benchtop people out to measure and install the "granite" (fake but almost the same) benchtop.

Still outstanding:
- Electical wall sockets and light fittings. Milord has decided our electrician is too expensive and he'll do this himself.
- Plumbing (gas and water). He won't be doing this!
- Painting of walls, ceiling and trim, and staining of fences and woodwork. I can help with this provided it's not at floor-level.
- Skirtings.
- Front yard prettifying. We're going to tidy up the front porch, build steps to the porch, repair the front wall, paint the front of the house, get a doorstep and lay big cement pavers with a surround of low tough native grass. While this task is hardly essential it will totally transform the feel of the house from the street!

And finally, I spent most of the weekend in this chair in a patch of sun at the back of the living room:

It's my "breastfeeding chair", strongly recommended on most of the mommy forums - an Ikea Poang armchair. Decent back support and a slight bounce, and we got this one off ebay for $200 less than the price of a new one. Perfect!


waterbob said...

Great to see the progress. The finishing touches and DIY stuff that you will both be doing are going to be fun and you are going to be home anyway!
We have those chairs and they are very comfortable. You may need to plan an anti-macassar as we find that the head piece soils very quickly. Ours are one piece covers and and the whole thing needed to be washed too often until we started covering.

Saffa Chick said...

Mmm. Well I reckon using the chair for nursing is pretty much going to destroy the cover anyway! Maybe I'll just replace it after a year ;-)

Nat said...

We have the same chair - actually two of them - in our conservatory. Far cheaper than conservo furniture and very comfy :-)