Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Wedding Dress

It hasn't stopped raining for about 4 days now. Parts of Sydney are flooded, homes ruined, roads closed. Bloody ridiculous... it's the wettest city I have ever lived in. It has been mild and damp ever since I moved over two years ago - London has better summers than this! The shoes in my closet are mouldy and the house smells of damp... I can't wait to get to South Africa for the wedding and have some dry heat for a change.

On the subject of which, things are coming together nicely.

Venue, check.
Accommodation, check.
Food, flowers, photographer, music, check.
Rings, check (yay).
Flights, honeymoon etc, check.
And finally (drum roll)... dress and shoes, check!

Last weekend a good mate and I went wedding dress shopping. I think you need some back-story here though...

Gillian got married in early January this year after an 18 month engagement - it took that long to organise her people to get here from Ireland. She started shopping for her wedding dress with about a year to go. She went to every bridal salon in and around Sydney over several months but couldn't find what she wanted, so she looked online. Apparently if you find a dress from the USA that you like then you can order it from the source online and get around a lot of international mark-up or something... sounds dodgey but there is a thriving industry out there.

Gillian saw a photo of a dress online that she decided was the one and she ordered it. A dress that she'd only seen two small photos of and that she'd not tried on. Yeah.... anyway... months go by. She's allowed herself plenty of leeway and so expected delivery in August in time for damage control if it was late. August same and went, as did September, October and November... she was climbing the walls as you can imagine! She revisited all the bridal salons, and also began trawling department stores and boutiques for cream evening gowns just in case.

Her dress arrived 2 weeks before Christmas... barely 4 weeks before the wedding. She had it delivered to work and half the girls in the department scurried into the ladies loo's with her to try it on... and... she hated it! Oh no! It was too tight, and too shiny, and too long, and too much train, and too creamy... She stuffed it into her bag and tried not to cry.

All turned out well though. Gillian managed to find a replacement evening gown within a couple of days which was lovely, and on the day nobody was the wiser.

Which brings us back to me... with all her dress shopping experience I figured Gillian was the perfect shopping buddy for my hunt!

We met up in the centre of Sydney, and after a quick Macca's to settle our respective hangovers we dived into the closest department store: Myers. This is a huge posh department store over 6 floors - ladies wear takes up a whole floor. Every designer has a patch, so you have to really hunt for things because they are not grouped by type. We drifted from one designer to another, examining evening gowns and picking up the occasional one to try, going quite fast because I knew this was going to take all day...

It took half an hour. I tried on two dresses and fell in love with the second!

Gillian and I looked at each other in disbelief - it couldn't possibly be this easy! But it was... then we went down a couple of levels and looked at shoes, and I bought the first pair I tried on as they were perfect.

10 minutes later we were sharing a bottle of wine over lunch laughing... now that's what I call a successful shopping trip!

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Suzanne said...


My wedding dress story was easy. I drove past a friend's tux shop and saw a bridal gown in the window I had to have.

A couple days later, I walked in and said to Sue "I want the dress in the window." She took it off the mannequin and I tried it on-a perfect fit.

The mannequin was attired in something else and the dress was mine!