Wednesday, 6 February 2008

8 Weeks

Weekly weigh-in... 69kg. Whoohoo!

I have a confession: I bought a new scale yesterday as our old one had gone erratic, measuring a fluctuation of up to a kilo when you hopped on and off. I'd started taking the average of the highest and lowest readings! I'm tired of rubbish scales so I went to a top electronics store and got an expensive all-singing-all-dancing model. It not only weighs you, it also calculates your body fat % and water hydration based on the resistance of a small current it puts through your body. Um... ok.

Well, this new scale is already very popular in my house, because it says Milord and I are a kilo lighter than we thought we were! Woohoo! I love losing a kilo overnight. With the new reading I am back on target to hit my goal weight in time for the wedding - fabulous ;-).

I have also lost 1cm off my hips in the last month so I am definitely shrinking. Excellent. I'd been concerned because my hips are where I carry my... main storage... and they'd been the same for ages. I guess other bits were shrinking lately instead. Next time I need to lose lots of weight I will measure arms and legs too for comparison (next time? what next time? I'll never get fat again lol!).

I'm very chuffed.