Thursday, 14 February 2008


Latest wedding update:

Pretty much everything is organised now. I've found a lovely sparkly pair of earrings (studs) to wear. They're cubic zirconia in a subtle gold clasp - they should hopefully work with both my gold and platinum rings. That's all the jewelery I'll be wearing - I'm not really into bling.

My invitations turned up this week and I've posted most of them - just need a few more stamps and that's done. I'm very pleased with how they turned out (I ordered them online). Our colours are red and white, so the invitation is white card with a red rose decoration. There are matching RSVP cards, place names and thank you cards - very nice. I bought a caligraphy pen for the names, and although my handwriting is abysmal, between slowing down and printing the names with the special pen they look alright!

I'm now finalising sightseeing plans for before the wedding when several guests will be with us in Cape Town. Today I booked 15 of us onto a wine tour for the day before the wedding. It's not that easy organising people in 3 different countries and time zones for a destination in another country and time zone... there's a day's lag at best! Milord's favourite phrase "herding cats" springs to mind from time to time, but we're getting there. Just a few additional boring details to iron out like travel insurance and car hire and I'm finished...

This wedding has been the easiest thing in the world to organise... therefore I've decided to complicate things further!

So few of Milord's chosen guests can make it that our numbers have fallen to about 25 (from an anticipated 40 out of 55 invited). I did the seating plan this week and ended up with the bridal table and 2 others - it looked silly!

What I may not have told you is that apart from my immediate family (mum, dad, stepmum and sister) I hadn't invited any of my family. This is because my family is enormous! My dad has 5 brothers that we talk to, my mum has 2 sisters, they all have partners and between them I have around 15 cousins, several of whom have partners too. That's around 30 people, 25 of whom are in South Africa and can most likely make it. I had decided that that was just too many Saffa crew and to keep the guestlist to close friends, but now Milord has convinced me to throw our wedding open. I hope he realises what he is in for! Mwahahaha!

Actually, I'm glad. As the 3rd eldest cousin/niece in my family everyone knows me well and I was sad not to have them there. Yay ;-)


Suzanne said...

While I'm sad for Milord that he won't have as many people there, I'm happy that he'll get to meet more of the Saffa family! If they're anything like you, he's in for a fun wedding reception! :)

caitlin said...

hi can't to c u. i'm at work after a long time. i read everthing later. leave is booked. dress and bought. happy st v's day love kelly / caitlin