Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Quote Me Happy

Hey I'm famous!

I've just noticed that a BlogHer blogger has quoted me in an article called "What Draws People to You". It's kind of about how we learn to accept ourselves as we grow up into our own skin... I had been wondering why I had a couple of search hits on "comfortable with myself" ;-).

I have a good friend who makes me happy to be myself... that came out wrong. What I mean is that the other day she was complaining about herself and I said "Ok, name me one thing about yourself that you like!". She had nothing. Nothing! This is someone I consider highly intelligent, educated, travelled, adventurous, loving, fit and sexy. She's doing well in her career and is in a solid relationship... this is not that poor fat woman on Australia's Biggest Loser the other day who had nothing nice to say about herself, but rather someone you'd cross the road to meet. How is it possible that she doesn't like one single thing? I started listing her assets for her and she shot each one down, refusing to accept a single compliment. Gawd, how sad to be so uncomfortable in your own skin - it must be like being 13 every day of your life.

I was reading a post the other day on my blogroll - I'm not sure who but it might have been Ms Grumpy - where the blogger dismissed every compliment about her home until her guest stopped giving them. Why is it so hard sometimes to just say "Thanks" when somebody has good things to say about us and our achievements?

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