Thursday, 28 February 2008

5 Weeks

I'm at home with a cold. I woke up yesterday with a sore throat, and by midday I was achey all over so I left work at lunchtime and went home. I had an afternoon nap and Milord brought me lots of comfort food for dinner... This morning I could probably have taken my germs into the office but chose to stay home instead. I'm not chasing any deadlines so not being there today won't matter.

It's a perfect day for being at home - cool and wet. This is the Sydney rain radar right now:

Yes, that is a wall of thunderstorms marching at the city from the west. Marvellous. It's gone really gloomy and even with all the lights on I am having trouble reading my book! I can hear the thunder in the distance...

On a good note, I hit my weight target this week - 67.5kg! That is one hell of a loss since last week... turns out I was pre-menstrual. I lost 1.5kg on Friday, the day before I "came on". Took me totally by surprise...

"How can that be?" I hear the girls thinking. Well, I have been on the Implanon contrceptive implant for the last few years. This suppresses all periods for the first year, after which you get random spotting every few months for a year, and apparently in the final year you can start having periods again. They're not exactly regular though - my last one was in October! Hopefully this means I won't be having one over my wedding or honeymoon. I'll be taking the implant out after the wedding to try for a baby, but I intend to whack one back in as soon it's born. What a fabulous contraceptive - no periods for 2.5 years? Works for me! You can breastfeed on it too. Magic.

Last week was jolly hard work. I was so annoyed with my weight gain that I cut right back on food and worked out or walked for at least 2 hours a day. Plus I was cranky with PMS but didn't know it. Poor Milord didn't know what to do - he's not seen PMS in me before!

It's starting to rain heavily now, and the thunder is almost overhead. The cat is not amused - she hates thunderstorms! A good day to stay in bed I say ;-).

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Suzanne said...

Good luck on the auction!

Congrats on the weight loss, and I can go with the not knowing when you'll have a visitor. I'm done with having kids (a high risk pregnancy will do that to you!) and had an ablation two years ago. Infrequent visits.

Getting close!