Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Christmas Day - behind the smiles

Actually, there was a serious blight on my Christmas Day. At about midday I had a bit of bleeding - just a smudge on the loo paper, but that is just how my miscarriage earlier this year started.

I was so upset. I was convinced I was losing this baby too.

All afternoon and evening I was in a daze, unable to concentrate on conversations or participate. Luckily there were so many people around that no one (except Milord of course) noticed that I was very subdued.

In the end there was no more bleeding that day or since. I'm feeling "pregnant", which for me means I am feeling tired and slightly peculiar, so I hope everything is ok. In the new year I'll see my GP and get a referral for a scan and check all is as it should be.

Avoiding booze on Christmas Day wasn't too hard. I pretended I had a horrible hangover so skipped the glass of welcome champagne. When the Pimms was served I sneaked some of the fruit into a glass of ginger ale which looked the same! I nursed an alcohol-free beer for a couple of hours, and then it was evening and I was the designated driver so couldn't drink.

I'm not sure how I'm going to fake the house party over the New Years long weekend, but I'm considering starting a "detox" on the 1st after faking it the night before!

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