Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Christmas Day

We had a nice Christmas. Princess woke at 6am, and Milord and I sat down with cups of coffee and helped her with her presents. She wasn't really in the mood - she has just cut her fourth molar and it was obviously bothering her - but she cheered up once the painkillers kicked in!

As usual ribbons and wrapping paper stole the show but she does seem to be enjoying her presents too. The main one is a small foam seat that folds out into a sort of bed - she seems to really enjoy sitting in it. She also got books, a hat and bling from us, and dresses, sparkly play-do, a pull-along doggy and a doll from friends and family. A rather good haul!

After Princess' nap we got scrubbed up and went over to our friends for the rest of the day.

We had nibbles and Pimms, then exchanged presents, then had ham and bread, and at 9pm we sat down to turkey with all the trimmings. I had been in charge of veggies and potatoes and decided to precook everything at home so they just needed heating through later - they turned out perfect!

It was all very pleasant. I was designated driver which did make the evening a bit long, but it was very nice to wake up feeling well on Boxing Day!


Lisa said...

The pictures are amazing. Isn't it cool to spend xmas with family! Your princess is growing by the day and I just love the picture of her on her new couch!

greytonsal said...

Her little couch is lovely and she looks so grown up sitting there enjoying her presents. Lovely photos, thank you.

waterbob said...

Great photos, great kid and great prezzies. What a fabulous couch - I envy your ability to find them and she looks so cool sitting there. Thanks for the fix.