Monday, 20 December 2010


I'm feeling lazy. It is 10:30am on a sunny blustery day and Princess has just gone for a nap. I am still in my pyjamas, and while there are plenty of things I ought to be doing I think I might spend an hour on the xbox instead! Maybe this afternoon I'll take Princess to the local pool, as it's cool enough to walk there without dying. Maybe.

A surprisingly bad photo. I thought I was looking reasonable... mmph.

I don't have much news. This past Saturday we visited friends an hour and a half away for a bbq and stayed over. While their house is baby-safe it is still a bit stressful to have a commando-crawling speck-muncher at someone else's house. I'm not really looking forward to Christmas Day at a baby-unsafe doggy friend's house!

Princess is still crawling on her tummy but she's spending more and more time on her hands and knees and will get the hang of "forward" soon I'm sure. I'm teaching her to retrieve toys from the couch so that's a whole new perspective for her, and we have the odd couch cushion obstacle for her to get across.

New words:
"Poo" = yes, poo. I'm trying to get her to tell me when she's done one! Toilet training here we come...
"PoooOoo" = Pool
"Toi" = toy, toe, toast
"Hhhhorh" = horse
"oooOoo" = on dropping something (accidentally and on purpose). I think this comes from me going "oh dear" when Princess drops items from her highchair.

She's actually dropped a lot of her words lately, I think her vocab centre might be in overload! Milord is missing his "Dah-Di!" welcome in the evenings.

I think I'm ready for Christmas. I have a couple of stocking fillers to get and some food supplies to stock, but really my shops will only be closed for a day so there's no drama. I keep thinking of how the UK and much of Europe is snow-bound and how hard it must be for folk to stay warm and well fed. I live in a very easy part of the world!


waterbob said...

'Çommando-crawling speck-muncher' just made my day. Thanks for the fix. I think you both look lovely.

greytonsal said...

I think you both look lovely too - we are far too critical of ourselves. Hope Princess does not do too much 'hoovering' on Christmas Day at doggy-house! She should be practically immune to any germs after this! Have a great day and lots of love.