Monday, 20 December 2010

I think I'm a little bit pregnant...

...the test had a line on it so faint that it may have been imaginary. Tomorrow I will do another, but I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant again. My period is half a day late.

It took us 2 cycles this time, with ovulation tests and very unromantic sex (when your wife actually writes "Shag the wife" in your diary on certain days it takes all the mystery away!).

I feel perfectly normal, although I imagine my mouth is getting that bottom-of-a-birdcage taste that always afflicts me in my first trimester. Nothing I eat or drink takes the slightly dry and gummy taste away. Oh well, better than real morning sickness I guess!

I'm finding it hard to get excited this time, the miscarriage is a bit too raw. I'm also kind of dreading having a newborn baby as Princess turns 2, but I suppose I'll cope like everybody else.

I told Milord and his reaction is as muted as mine. We'll get happy, but perhaps a bit further down the line!

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