Friday, 10 December 2010

Princess Videos

New words:
Eeeeyah = Ear. This is her first 2 syllable word since "Daddy"!*
Aaaah = Arm
Hhhheh = Head, Hand
Shh = Shoulder, Shower, Snooze
Tch = Chin, Chip, Chicken
Ffff = Foot
Ttuh = Toe

Her comprehension is well ahead of her speech though, and if I ask her to show me her nose, chin, mouth, toe, knee etc she will generally point/poke it straight away. Or poke mine if I'm within reach!

Princess is very mobile now in commando-crawling mode, and from time to time she'll get up on hands and knees although she hasn't figured out how to move like that yet. I have had to start vacuuming at least once a day as any crumb of food or dirt goes directly in her mouth... She knows she shouldn't eat crumbs off the floor though and if I'm watching her she'll look at the crumb and then at me and go "aaaaah" which is her response to "Don't eat that!". If she gets something in her mouth that doesn't dissolve (ew) then she'll go "aaaah" at me until I fish it out, trying to avoid the razor-sharp baby teeth.

Today I have already fished out bits of the artificial christmas tree, but yesterday I'm pretty sure she ate a dead fly off the windowsill. She was sputtering and "aaah"-ing but there was only a black smudge in her mouth when I had a look. Yuck. I'll be glad when she grows out of this stage!

Here's a couple of vids of playing and chattering for your amusement ;-)




*I know "ear" doesn't have 2 syllables, but it does to Princess!


waterbob said...

Fantastic - especially the last one. That serious expression could be one of our economists talking and she makes more sense! Lovely. Thanks for the fix.

greytonsal said...

Loved them! and it won't be long before she works out moving on her hands and knees, though she is pretty fast sliding around! The chattering is gorgeous and I am positive she knows what she is saying, we just have to learn her language! Thank you, it is almost like being there.