Wednesday, 7 July 2010


I'm not feeling inspired to post lately.

My Dad is ill and I'm very worried about him. He will be having a cancerous kidney removed next week and... well... I'm freaking out very quietly.

I also have something else going on that I'm not ready to blog about. Nothing bad, but certainly distracting!

Life goes on. On Mondays we now go to "Rhyme Time" at the local library. Princess is fairly oblivious but I've learned a bunch of new nursery rhymes and the actions! Tuesdays is Mothers Group. Today I am meeting a girlfriend and her baby for coffee in a park. Tomorrow I am driving 1.5 hours to visit a friend who has a newborn baby boy. On Friday I'll probably stay in and catch up on housework!

Lunch with friends. Princess was at her most charming!

Breakfast in bed on the weekend.

Winding down before a morning nap.


Nat said...

Oh no, this is a very hard thing for you to deal with, Saffa!
I can completely relate....I worry constantly about my dad, and while the cancer is being held at bay for the moment, it is always in the back of our minds.

Thinking of you and your dad and hoping it all goes well.
Princess gets more beautiful by the month!
Much love Natxx

Janey said...

Saffa, we were dismayed at your news. Should we contact your Dad or just wait and see what happens. Apparently you can live just fine with one kidney.

Much love, Janey

Hedgehog said...

Oh Horrible news and we are so sorry to hear about it. Please send my love to your dad and tell him we will be thinking of him and sending positive thoughts to you all. xxxx

Kat said...

Hey, sorry to hear about your Dad. I'll be thinking of him (and you!) and hope all goes well with the kidney removal. Kat x

greytonsal said...

Hey, Saffa, know your feelings of being too far away and helpless. Saffa's dad, thinking of you and if positive thoughts work, you have all mine. Best of everything to you and yours. Princess is looking gorgeous and we actually get to see her gorgeous blonde hair. Thanks for those and keep positive. Lots of love from me.