Thursday, 22 July 2010

7 Weeks

Sized at approximately 1.6cm at the start of this week (from head to rump), your baby is now more obviously a human. At this stage, the embroyo is now called a foetus. With a head that is equal to the body in size, limbs are starting to form and many of the organ systems are nearing their final development stages. Your baby's heart is beating at approximately 160 beats per minute.

"more obviously a human" - excellent!

Gestation: 7 weeks
Weight: 75.5kg
Waist: 90cm

How do I feel?
I'm starting to get tired, although it's not hitting me as hard as last time. There is a big difference to being sleepy sitting in front of a computer in an office and being sleepy while playing with a baby - and I sometimes nap when Princess has her afternoon sleep. I have the odd slight nausea when my tummy is very empty, but as soon as I eat something that passes.

I'm losing my appetite, although food still tastes ok. I just don't feel "hungry" as such until my stomach rumbles, and even then I have trouble thinking of what I fancy eating. I often just wolf down a muesli bar as it's easy! I make a point of having greens and meat and fruit every day, but I'm having trouble thinking up menus because I have no appetite.

How does Milord feel?
Still thrilled. He has told everyone - I have neighbours congratulate me as they go by!

Today I visited my GP to start the medical ball rolling. Last pregnancy I was in her office like a shot once I knew I was pregnant, and this time I've waited 3 weeks before making a move! The difference with a second pregnancy is that I already have the answers to my questions: what to eat, what to do, what to expect, which hospital, which obstetrician, etc etc. It's very relaxed this time around!

My weight is beginning to creep down, which surprises me as I was away visiting friends over the weekend and ate rather well. I guess Flash is beginning to draw on my resources!


waterbob said...

Great to hear that all four of you are doing so well!

Suzanne said...


Princess will love being a big sister, and it'll be good to have them in nappies at the same time!

Lisa said...

I love that TickerFactory doodad at the side of your page. I really want one but have no idea what to track. My ageing sanity, my grey hair, my debt? That would be a goodie.
love to you all!

greytonsal said...

Exciting times, Princess and Flash (Ah-a-ah)Saviour of the Universe? Quite a mouthful, but then I suppose we will get used to it! Difficult to shout down the street when it is time for supper though! Ah-a-ah for short? Can't wait to see you all in March!!!