Friday, 2 July 2010

10 Months

Princess is 10 months old!

Current weight: 9.5kg - she is following the 75th percentile curve perfectly.
Teeth: 4. Two bottom and two top.
Mobility: Still rubbish. Princess has lost interest in sitting, although I've seen her roll from her front to her back once and she's starting to push her bum in the air and inch-worm in place.
Feeding: 3 solid meals a day, and 3 bottle feeds.

Must... eat... cardigan... buttons!

All the other babies in my Mothers Group are crawling and pulling themselves up. Princess lies around and watches them with vague interest, and when they tumble over and past her she blinks in bemusement.


Lisa Ceaser said...

She's beautiful! I found your blog yesterday by hitting Next Blog and am hooked. I loved your previous post, so well written. I have a five month old and am loving seeing the things she can be doing in 5 months time!!! Your Princess is my Lil MAC's role model. hahaha. Have a beautiful weekend.

waterbob said...

Thanks for the Princess fix. I love what we are able to achieve with current technology.

greytonsal said...

It is when I see Princess in her rocker that I realise how much she has grown. Her feet come over the end! Lovely photos, thank you.