Thursday, 8 July 2010

5 Weeks

Even at this early stage, your baby is busy developing. Sized approximately 5-10 mm and still called an embryo, the heartbeat is faster than yours and beating at around 100 beats a minute. The spine has finished developing and the brain is beginning to develop. (As the baby's shape and spine is curved for most of the next 3 months, the measurement of the baby's size is taken from the top of the head or crown, down to their bottom or rump)

Gestation: 5 weeks
Weight: 76kg
Waist: 90cm
Thigh: 61cm

Weight at this point last pregnancy: 71.5kg
Waist at this point last pregnancy: 87cm
Thigh at this point last pregnancy: 58cm

There is no chance of me posting "bump" photos yet! My waist has reduced by 3cm since last week though - I've been concentrating on tummy exercises. I have got to build my core strength while I still can. I'm a little surprised I haven't lost weight as I haven't been gorging myself, but then again I am not letting myself get hungry either.

How do I feel?
Normal. I think I'm starting to smell stuff strongly now though... last night I had a hot chocolate while Milord ate a mandarin and it was the olfactory equivalent of bathing in a Terrys Chocolate Orange! Today Princess has a sniffle and I've put a cloth smeared with Vicks under her sheet - walking into her room is like inhaling icicles.

Nope. I'm making a point of eating meat and greens though as I assume I'll go off them for the first trimester again soon. I've started iron supplements already as I had an iron problem last time and I don't want to feel like that again. Ever.

How does Milord feel?
Thrilled! He has started telling everyone, even the electrician who was around installing the aircon last night. I'm still keeping fairly quiet about it as 5 weeks is very early. I've told a few good friends and my family, but that's it so far.

We've already begun bandying names about. Milord is hoping for a boy this time (although of course he'd be fine with another girl) and we have been trying to think of the silliest boys names. We ended up giggling so hard over "Flash" (aaAh, saviour of the universe!) that our embryo is now known as Flash. Wonder if it'll stick?


Hedgehog said...

Aaagh! I once had a boyfriend when I was 13 called Flash!! He was actually very nice and I wonder what happened to him? Congratulations - I had a sneaky feeling that that might be your bit of news and I think it's wonderful! I couldn't wait to hear from you about your dad so got your mom to tell me how he was and I am glad to hear he's fine.

Kat said...

When my mum was pregnant with my sister.. not that we knew it was a sister at the time... I remember doing a card for my mum listing all the possible worst boys names I could think of as a joke.... I can't even remember what the worst one I thought was.. think some obscure name starting with a z!