Wednesday, 28 July 2010

8 Weeks

The Mother

Despite your face looking fuller (due mainly to fluid retention), your skin may be looking very healthy. You may also find that your gums bleed easily when brushing your teeth. Switch to a 'soft' toothbrush during your pregnancy to prevent damaging your gums.

Morning sickness may still be an issue but dietary management of this can help to ease the nausea. If it proves unbearable, mention this to your healthcare provider. This week, your doctor will advise of a number routine of tests (blood and urine) you need to have done. It is also a good time to make your appointment for your 12 week ultrasound. Emotions are still running high and will continue to fluctuate throughout the next 30 weeks.

The Baby

Sized at approximately 2.4cm (from head to rump), your baby is looking more like a baby than a 'bean', with arms and legs obvious. Your baby's head - still large when compared to the body size - now has a mouth, lips, nose and ears, with eyelids forming this week. Tiny fingers and toes are starting to form and develop at quite a fast rate. Your baby's heart is beating at approximately 180 beats per minute.

Fluid retention, yay. I haven't really noticed this, and to be honest I think my face is looking thinner than a month ago as my fat starts to melt away. I'm eating well, it's just that I've dropped wine and junk and so I lose weight in spite of being pregnant! This happened last time too. No bleeding gums, but I remember getting nosebleeds before which I presume is related.

My skin is no better or worse than usual - I got spotty last pregnancy so I'm cleansing like mad to stay ahead of it.

Mood swings? None last time and none this time (so far). Phew. (Double phew for Milord!)

No sickness, and no real food aversions yet. I do find that if I'm eating something I'm not enjoying then once my hunger is met I can't bring myself to finish the portion - even if it looks rude and I'm starving again an hour later. I carry muesli bars in my bag just in case!

Weariness occasionally hits me without warning - even after a good night's sleep I'll suddenly feel like I've been up 24 hours and it's a struggle to keep my eyes open. On Saturday Milord noticed me yawning like mad so sent me to bed while he took Princess out for a bit. When he got home I was still groggy so he let me lie in a while longer, and in the end I napped for nearly 2 hours! Awesome.

Princess came for a cuddle during my nap...

Weeks: 8
Weight: 75kg
Waist: 91cm
Thigh: 61cm

The Weight is creeping down while Waist and Thigh are mostly unchanged. My jeans feel looser so I guess my bum is shrinking? My bra feels looser too. At this rate I'll fit back into my pre-preggy clothes just as my bump pops!

Oh, and Princess is doing better today. She slept quietly until about 2am when I started to hear the odd wail every hour or so. At 4:30am I got her up for a bottle, medicine, vicks and nose drops (she really hates the nose drops!) and she went straight back to sleep until morning when we saw the best smiles in days! For breakfast she had a decent portion of porridge, more medicine etc, and then went back to bed.

She still has a bad cold but I think she may be on the mend. It's pouring with rain so we'll stay warm and quiet indoors again while I do Milord's taxes. Or play xbox. Oooooh, hard decision!


waterbob said...

Great to hear that all is going so well and that Princess is recovering.

Kat said...

love the pic for this blog!